Rational Performance Tester Vulnerability

IBM Rational Performance Tester has a security vulnerability that allows access to system files which is eliminated in the latest version of Rational Performance Tester. Rational Performance Tester Vulnerability¬†Affected softwares: IBM Rational Performance Tester version 8.3 and 8.5 on all platforms. How to fix this? Please upgrade to latest version […]

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IBM Rational Performance Tester Java API Documentation Frame Injection Vulnerability

New vulnerability has been found which affects IBM Rational Performance Tester and earlier version. Type of attack is called¬†ClickJacking. This particular vulnerability allows attacker to create a malicious link to the documentation which injects arbitrary content to the mainframe. This attack does not require any authentication and may be […]

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IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) Updates and Fixes

IBM recently announced its Rational Performance Tester updates and fixes. Following are the fixes which has in this fix pack. [stextbox id=”info” direction=”ltr” shadow=”true”]IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) Update[/stextbox] 3.6.2-Rational-IES_IIEE_Update You can download the fixes from here (IBM ID is required). Below are the file details […]

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IBM Rational Performance Tester vulnerabilities due to security vulnerabilities

Flash: There are multiple security vulnerabilities identified in the IBM Java Runtime Environment component of IBM Rational Performance Tester. Patches for these vulnerabilities are available in IBM JRE 7 (SR4). VULNERABILITY DETAILS CVID: CVE-2013-0440 Unspecified vulnerability in Java Runtime Environment allows remote attackers to affect availability via vectors related to […]

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