What’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020?

If you are not aware, there are changes in the Micro Focus LoadRunner Family, you can check it out my previous blog post about the changes. This blog post is the continuation of my previous post where we are going to see about the what’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020, shortly we will call it as VuGen.

Visual Changes in the VuGen IDE

First, let us see what are all the changes you could see in the VuGen IDE. There is no total revamp in the user interface, only there are some make ups and the touch ups in the new interface.

Performance wise it is still the same, I do not see any significant improvement in the speed or reliability. It is still hangs and takes time to load the script. It might be due to my under powered laptop and couple years old Intel processors, if you noticed any improvements in the performance, please let me know in the comment section.

What's new in Virtual User Generator 2020 - VuGen 2020 IDE
What’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020? – VuGen 2020 IDE

Above is the new IDE of VuGen, where you can see at the top left, there are new icons and the Start Page has been revamped. But at the bottom, you could still see the traditional panes.

Below is the VuGen 2020 File Menu. There are changes in the style and the menu color. But the options have not changed much.

VuGen Menu
VuGen Menu
Web HTTP/HTML Toolbar

Above is the tool bar you could see for Web HTTP/HTML protocol script. Those are brand new icons.

Upload to LoadRunner Enterprise

Once you click on the Upload to LoadRunner Enterprise button, you will get the below new interface to login into your project.

LoadRunner Enterprise
LoadRunner Enterprise

As I mentioned in my previous blog, there is no local help available unless you download them. Below is the Help Center Options, if you click on Open Locally, it will prompt to you download the help files.

Protocol Changes

Web Services now got the new WCF toolkit and APIs where you can see the improvements in WSDL Importing, recording, replaying, and SAML.

Recording Wizard – Web Services

SAP – Web Protocol now supports the following:

  • DFE, including a new predefined DFE SAPEventQueue
  • Recording Report
  • Asynchronous communication
  • HAR file generation after script replay

Web-based protocol now supports Wireshark and Fiddler with the versions up to 3.0.2 and up to 5.0.x respectively.

That’s it folks about VuGen 2020, in next post we will be seeing about TruClient, DevWeb, Controller, and Analysis.

What's new in Virtual User Generator 2020

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