What’s new in TruClient 2020?

We have been seeing about the recent changes made in the latest version of LoadRunner from Micro Focus. Last posts were about LoadRunner change, VuGen 2020, Controller 2020, and DevWeb. It’s time to move on to TruClient protocol. This blog post highlights what’s new in TruClient 2020.

Introducing TruClient 2020

TruClient is a protocol in LoadRunner (or VuGen) to measure the end-to-end response time and more. If you are testing Single Page Applications (apps that are built on modern web technologies like React, Ember, Angular etc), traditional approach in measuring performance is not apt.

What’s new in TruClient 2020?

Browser Support

TruClient 2020 now supports TruClient browser 65.0.3 (equivalent to Mozilla Firefox) and Chromium 76. Do not update the browser which comes in the LoadRunner (or VuGen standalone) package.

Search Bar

TruClient 2020 got a makeover, especially at the top section of Development IDE. Now you can see a search bar where you can search for Steps or Transactions or All in the Whole script or Current view.

Micro Focus claims that the search is now faster than ever, so is prediction.

If there is a match with your search term, you can see the highlight as well. You can also interact with the script while the search is open.

Steps Box

Steps box is the core of TruClient. You add your steps by dragging-and-dropping and edit the steps as per your need. Prior versions of TruClient allows you to move the Steps box up and down. But in this version, Steps box is sticky (meaning you cannot move around) at the top.

After clicking the Steps icon, it will expand and display all the categories, you have to drag and drop the step where ever you want.

Frequently used steps now can be added as Favorite and all the favorites will be available under Favorite.


TruClient 2020 now display client-side parsing also DOMContentLoaded, DOM Interactive, and Page Load events.

Throughput improvements on IE and Chromium browsers.

APIs and Windows 10

TruClient 2020 now has enhanced support for Windows 10 OS and there is a new API to connect to VTS which has HTTPS.

What's new in TruClient 2020? - VTS ConnectEx
What’s new in TruClient 2020? – VTS ConnectEx

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What's new in TruClient 2020?

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