What’s new in StormRunner Load 3.7?

What’s new in StormRunner Load 3.7? Last week Micro Focus has released its newer version of StormRunner Load 3.7 – performance testing on cloud solution. In this blog post, I am going to give you a high-level overview about the features of StormRunner Load 3.7.

What’s new in StormRunner Load 3.7?

Following are the new features in StormRunner Load 3.7. In this update, lots of new features have been released and most are wannabe features which will help performance teeters to improve their productivity.

Goal Oriented Run mode – now it is possible to configure a goal oriented load tests until it reaches hits per second or transactions per second.

Copy Scheduling b/w test scripts – you can now copy advanced scheduling between test scripts

Advance Scheduling on on-premise load generators – you can now advance schedule for your tests on on-premise load generators

Access SRL components using DNS – if you want to access SRL (StormRunner Load) components, you can now use the sub-domain of your tenant, instead of whitelisting your IP addresses.

New Public APIs – following are the new public REST APIs of SRL

  • Get a list of active runs.
  • Get an HTTP Responses summary for a given test run, after test completion.
  • Get the enabled schedules for a specific load test.
  • Schedule a test run at a given time.
  • Delete a schedule of a specific load test.
  • Delete an on-premises load generator

New RTS – two new runtime settings have been added: Download filters and Step download timeout

Display GIT repo information for scripts – while viewing scripts which are uploaded using GIT, now it displays additional information about the repo and branch.

Analysis – Analysis module got new features too.

  • Metrics for individual error and HTTP codes have been added
  • LG alerts in the Notifications area
  • Now you can change the number of vusers while test is running (must-have feature)
Important Note : For non-English performance testers, please note that the SRL will be limited to English only as of Dec 2019. Other UI languages support will be going away.

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What's new in StormRunner Load 3.7?

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