What’s new in Neoload 7.1?

I am not a avid user of Neotys Neoload, but I keep checking what features being introduced in every release. Couple weeks ago, Neotys has released its next iteration of Neoload 7.1. I am going to throw you an overview of Neoload 7.1 features and other stuffs.

New Features

  • Citrix Support
  • Web tests
  • Reservations
  • More percentiles
  • CI improvements
  • Predefined Functions
  • Summary Panel
  • XML support for projects
  • Bulk Delete/Duplicate in Populations
  • ECMA 6 support in JavaScript engine

Citrix Support

Neoload now support record and replay of Citrix protocols. Currently its in beta. Neoload claims that Citrix protocol offers better readability and maintenance is hassle-free. You need to contact the sales team to acquire a trial license.

Citrix recording is only available in 32 bit Neoload installation.

What's new in Neoload 7.1
What’s new in Neoload 7.1 – Citrix Support

Web Tests

If you provisioned Neoload Web, you can now share your test settings with your teammates.

Courtesy of Neoload


Reservations is a must-have feature for any tool. Now you can schedule your tests in Neoload Web by reserving the timeslot.


Neoload Web now displays the following percentile: 50, 90, 95, and 99. You can also access these metrics via REST APIs and Dashboard displays percentile graph.


Using Neoload Web test launcher from Docker hub, you can run CI pipelines in Gitlab, Azure DevOps, and AWS Codebuild.


Neoload now offers predefined functions which you can use only from 7.1. Go to Edit > JS Libraries, to see the functions. You can add your own function and call it in your test.



Neoload supports Population where you can run different virtual user types. Now, Summary Panel validates whether your populations are correctly configured before it starts the test.

A population is a group of Virtual User types.

Project Settings

If you are leveraging VCS, then you can configure it in XML format.

Project Settings
Project Settings

Bulk Delete/Duplicate Populations

Bulk Delete/Duplicate
Bulk Delete/Duplicate

How to download Neoload?

Head to this page to download Neoload, you can install it in a new directory (recommended).

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