What’s New in NeoLoad 4.1?

NeoLoad is a performance testing tool from Neotys, a French company. NeoLoad is capable of simulating hundreds of users to validate the non-functional aspects of the system under test. NeoLoad built using Java. It supports Windows, Linux and Solaris OS. In this blog post we will see about new features of NeoLoad 4.1.

NeoLoad 4.1 supports desktop and mobile applications. Mobile Load Testing can be achieved using new tunnel mode recording wizard which records native application, web, HTTP/HTTPS from any device.

NeoLoad Mobile Load Testing simulate real time load using mobile network technologies such as 3G, 4G LTE (Long Term Evaluation) from the Cloud as well. Also it has the capability to define the SLAs (Service Level Agreement).

NeoLoad 4.1 supports Google’s SPDY (SPeeDY) protocol. SPDY protocol improves the response time of web applications. NeoLoad has the capability to test SPDY protocol applications and allows performing capacity planning.

Newer version of NeoLoad supports HTML 5 and JSON based AJAX. Now NeoLoad allows importing the monitored data for the analysis using Monitoring Data Import module. Also, it is possible to integrate HP Quality Center using the plugin and secured connection to Team Server. Enhanced options are available for the analysis, drill-down, bulk upload of results, and absolute times in graphs and results.

NeoLoad supports IPv6. Controllers and Load Generators communicate with each other using IPV6. NeoLoad comes with Timed Lease for shared license which allows users to pick VUsers (Virtual Users) properly. Rights Management features which allows users to login to the license server with valid user credentials.

You may download NeoLoad 4.1 to try the new features.

Happy Testing!

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Image Courtesy: NeoLoad

What's New in NeoLoad 4.1 - QAInsights

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