What’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol?

Recently Micro Focus announced its next iteration of LoadRunner products. You can check out my previous posts about VuGen 2020 and Controller 2020. This blog post will highlight about what’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb protocol.

What is DevWeb protocol?

DevWeb is officially a newer protocol added to the VuGen. It was called TruWeb when it was in tech preview version. I have published detailed Udemy course about TruWeb, you can still check out and buy my course. Because, the concepts are still the same. DevWeb is a new name with enhanced features and performance improvements.

What’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb?

New Icon

If you google devweb, you will get the below snapshot.

Web.dev is from Google and Devweb is a simple environment for developing a web server in Go. You may need to scroll down a little to get the Micro Focus link.

Here is the icon on DevWeb. You could see the letter d, w and winking ? smiley. Not sure, what winking smiley represents w.r.t. dev or web or protocol.

What's new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol? - DevWeb Icon
What’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol? – DevWeb Icon


DevWeb is a free offering from Micro Focus up to 150 virtual users. When it was in a technical preview version, there was no restriction in the vusers. Now it is fully supported protocol from Micro Focus.

Correlation Engine

DevWeb now supports automatic correlation using recording scan. Now it supports predefined extractor type.

Correlation Configuration - What's new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol?
Correlation Configuration – What’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol?

New Extractors

HTMLExtractor is a new type of extractor for correlation. You can set the scope for search. New function transform has added. fail on parameter has been added to the text check.

Proxy Recorder now has general configuration enhancements.


Snapshot on Error option now added for the web requests. Also, you can set the Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) in the Runtime Settings.


DevWeb now supports exporting the results to InfluxDB. It also supports SQLite.

Apart from the above new features, enhancements, it also contains bug fixes and improvements.

You can get start with DevWeb protocol by checking out my course. If you are not able to afford my course, please let me know I will give you a free coupon code.

What's new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol?

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