What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1?

As you know, I publish what’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner from past many years. This time as well, it is business as usual for LoadRunner What’s New section. Last week, Micro Focus announced its first minor release for their performance testing solutions. In this blog, we are going to see what’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1.

Say Hello to LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1

Micro Focus follows CalVer nomenclature for its products. Last year the nomenclature was Service Pack name, but this year it started following Release number. This minor release is called LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1.

What's new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1?
What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1?

What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1?

DevWeb Protocol

Full code completion is now available in this patch for DevWeb. Auto completion expedites the process of scripting and debugging.

Auto Complete in DevWeb
Auto Complete in DevWeb

Now you can generate CA certificate to capture the HTTPS traffic. You can make use DevWebUtils.exe and generate the required certificate.

DevWeb CA Certificate Generation
DevWeb CA Certificate Generation

In General Settings under Recording Options, now it is possible to generate cookies and asynchronous WebRequest steps. Also, you can configure the Charset which defaults to utf-8.

DevWeb Settings
DevWeb Settings

LoadRunner Developer is now supported on macOS 11 (Big Sur). DevWeb now supports for server-streaming gRPC requests.

Web HTTP/HTMLProtocol

A small change in the Find and Replace user interface.

Quick Find
Quick Find

For HTTPS Live Stream, it is now possible to configure the adaptive mode to tell LoadRunner to download only HLS video segments only when they are played.


TruClient Protocol

TruClient and Chromium browser have been updated to 83 and 88 versions respectively. Capture full replay snapshots now available. Also, this release supports Windows 20H2.

TruClient full page snapshot settings
TruClient full page snapshot settings

Java Protocols

Java scripts can be run on Linux LGs for Java over HTTP, Java Record Replay, and Java Vuser.

Citrix and Oracle 2-tier Protocols

Citrix protocol now supports Tessaract 4.1.1 and Oracle protocol supports Oracle Database 19c.


  • Exceptional integration of VuGen with LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner cloud
  • Silk Performer integration
  • JMeter 5.4 support
  • Pacing runtime support for JMeter and Gatling scripts
  • Linux LG support for Selenium scripts
  • Visual Studio 2019 IDE support
  • You need to have JRE installed, Micro Focus stopped shipping OpenJDK 32 bit in the installation package
  • Round-robin allocation of Vusers across LGs
  • Runtime collation is now default; this will save the time
  • Transactions will be ordered in the order they executed

Have you upgraded to LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1 yet? Please let me know in the comments.

What's new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1

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