What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3?

In June, Micro Focus had released LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 2. You can check it out in my last article about SP 2 features. In the last week of September, we are getting LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3 update. This blog post is dedicated to see the high level overview about the new features.

As you know, only for those who has valid support contract will get the complete package i.e. VuGen, Controller, and Analysis. For those under community license (like me) will get only VuGen in the Micro Focus marketplace.

I wanted to write and create YouTube videos about LoadRunner, but I need to wait for the major release to do complete tutorials about all the components. Hopefully if someone reading this from Micro Focus team can propose the changes to the management.

What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3?

Let us split this what’s new article into 3 sections: VuGen, Controller & Analysis, and Others.

What's new in LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3?
What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3?



  • Swagger JSON Import for API testing

This feature is a tech preview where you can impor the swagger json file

Swagger - Import
Swagger – Import

I will publish detailed blog and video article soon to explain this feature.

  • DevWeb now has the Correlation Rules UI.
Correlation Rules
Correlation Rules
  • Run Logic can now be filled automatically with the non-anonymous actions from the script.
Run Logic
Run Logic


TruClient browser has been updated to the equivalent version of Mozilla Firefox 77.

Now you can record Web components using Chromium or TruClient browser. If your application has shadow DOM specs, custom elements, ES modules and HTML template, you can script it using TruClient.

You can take on demand snapshots in TruClient.

Generate Snapshot on demand
Generate Snapshot on demand

New API to search for a row which has specific values in specific columns in VTS.


Support for 64-bit replay for .NET protocol.

Dynamic handling of object names in Oracle NCA is possible now.

VTS now can be deployed in Linux.

Controller & Analysis

TeamCity plugin is now available for LoadRunner Enterprise.

Now you can export data to InfluxDB runtime. Use the option Automatically export results to InfluxDB in Settings in Controller 2020 SP 3.

OneLG docker image is now available for Linux Ubuntu LG.

Go to Tools > Usage Analysis in Controller 2020 SP 3 which displays general stats about the scenario run.

Usage Analysis
Usage Analysis

Summary report now has 5 worst transactions based on their SLA status.


  • Supports
    • Windows 10 2004 and Windows 10 Enterprise LSTC 2019
    • Oracle Linux 8


As you observed, Micro Focus has been releasing new features, enhancements, and fixes every three months. Is your team upgrading it to the latest version every time or you always behind the stable release? Please let me know in the comments.

What's new in LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP 3?

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