What’s new in HP LoadRunner 11.52?

Last week in StarEast Testing Conference in Orlando-FL, HP has announced its latest version of LoadRunner 11.52. In this blog post we will see about new features of HP LoadRunner 11.52. HP LoadRunner 11.52 available as a service pack. Here are the notable new features of HP LoadRunner 11.52.


  • Using LoadRunner 11.52 it is possible to start our test earlier in the phase, by getting unit test code from developers. LoadRunner 11.52 supports popular environments and provide continuous integration framework.
  • There are changes in the user interface, performance and functionality which accelerates the deliverables.
  • Using HP Mobile recorder (grab it from Google Play Store) you can record the actions from mobile and test the applications. HP LoadRunner 11.52 has new proxy recording features which captures all the traffic between mobile and server.
  • HP has introduced HP Live Network Integration with VuGen which helps performance test engineers to share and learn faster.

Here is the link for LoadRunner Service Pack 11.52 To update individual components of HP LoadRunner, the links are below.

UPDATE: Below links have been removed, please visit microfocus.com to download the latest version of LoadRunner.

  • VuGen SA Service Pack 11.52
  • Load Generator SA (Win) Service Pack 11.52
  • Load Generator SA (Linux) Service Pack 11.52
  • Analysis SA Service Pack 11.52
  • LoadRunner 11.52 Additional Components

To check system requirements, www.hp.com/go/PCLR_SysReq

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Image Courtesy: HP

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