October 31, 2013

What’s new in CA LISA 7.1?

CA LISA 7.1 offers more than 40 new features which includes support industry-specific protocols, and market-driven service virtualization solution. CA LISA 7.1 supports enhanced SAP protocol support, supports extreme Mainframe, brand new dashboard and advanced stateful baselining.

What’s new in CA LISA 7.1?

CA LISA 7.1 addresses the development and testing constraints and solves toughest questions in this release:

Infrastructure Constraints such as utilizing optimum resources for all the environments. External constraints such as third party dependencies and eliminating it. Testing constraints such as test data, satisfying pre-conditions, test environment, and test management. Parallel development constraints such as instead of implementing water fall and other traditional methods, accelerating the process by deploying parallel development process.

New Features:

  • Enhanced SAP support
  • Enhanced Mainframe support
  • Support for CICS Transaction Gateway protocol
  • Enhanced Access Control
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • JDBC Virtualization
  • Tracing and virtualizing transactions through MF CICS
  • Advanced stateful base-lining capabilities accelerate regression validation cycles.

More on CA LISA 7.1

CA LISA Service Virtualization Video

Here is the CA LISA 7.1: Robust scalability and Industry leading support for SAP video, especially for QAInsights Readers 🙂

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