What’s new in CA LISA 7.1?

CA LISA 7.1 offers more than 40 new features which includes support industry-specific protocols, and market-driven service virtualization solution. CA LISA 7.1 supports enhanced SAP protocol support, supports extreme Mainframe, brand-new dashboard and advanced stateful base lining.

What’s new in CA LISA 7.1?

CA LISA 7.1 addresses the development and testing constraints and solves toughest questions in this release:

Infrastructure Constraints such as utilizing optimum resources for all the environments. External constraints such as third party dependencies and eliminating it. Testing constraints such as test data, satisfying pre-conditions, test environment, and test management. Parallel development constraints such as instead of implementing water fall and other traditional methods, accelerating the process by deploying parallel development process.

New Features:

  • Enhanced SAP support
  • Enhanced Mainframe support for CICS Transaction Gateway protocol
  • Enhanced Access Control
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • JDBC Virtualization
  • Tracing and virtualizing transactions through MF CICS
  • Advanced stateful base-lining capabilities accelerate regression validation cycles.

More on CA LISA 7.1

CA LISA Service Virtualization Video

Here is the CA LISA 7.1: Robust scalability and Industry leading support for SAP video, especially for QAInsights Readers :)

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