What’s new in Apache JMeter ?

When it comes to performance testing, load testing, or web services testing, I am fan of Apache JMeter. Because, it is completely free. No license key issues, quick installation, portable etc. Apache announced its newer version JMeter 2.9 final.

In this blog post, we will see about the new features of JMeter.

  • JMeter now has CSS/JQuery Extractor which helps users to retrieve the tag values.
  • JMeter can handle different documents such as PDF, MS Office files, OpenOffice files etc.
  • New RegEx user parameters pre-processor enables injecting input parameter names and values using a reference extracted by Regular Expression Extractor from a previous response.
  • TCP Sampler has been enhanced with new options to allow setting Close Connection, SO_LINGER and End of line(EOL) byte value
  • A new function __escapeOroRegexpChars(,) has been introduced quote ORO regexp meta characters
  • ForEach Controller has now 2 new fields to control start and end of loop
  • Result Status Action Handler now has a new option to “Start next thread loop”
  • JMS Publisher can now send Bytes Messages
  • Significant improvements have been done in this version on memory usage per Thread and CPU when more than one Post Processor is used as child of a Sampler
  • JSR223 Elements have been improved to enable caching of Compilation results when scripts are passed in Text area
  • XPath Assertion now enables using a JMeter variable as input
  • Search feature has been improved to search within more internal fields of elements and expand search results
  • Copy/paste is now possible between 2 JMeter instances >= 2.9 version

And many more.

Download the latest version of JMeter here.

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1 thought on “What’s new in Apache JMeter ?”

  1. JMeter 2.9 has rather significant HTTP Proxy improvements. To be more exact, they has added “Add suggested Excludes” to “URL Patterns to exclude” table. Pre-defined patterns should be stored in jmeter.properties in the following format: “proxy.excludes.suggested=.*.js;.*.css;.*.swf;.*.gif;.*.png;.*.jpg;.*.bmp”. And some details about Jmeter 2.9.


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