What’s New in Dynatrace 6.5?

What’s New in Dynatrace 6.5?

In my last post, I posted about Get ready for Dynatrace 6.5. It is time to experience all-new dynatrace 6.5 which got released today (Sep 26, 2016). In this blog post, we are going to see about what’s new in dynatrace 6.5 briefly.

Here is the short video about dynatrace.


Dynatrace 6.5 features

With Dynatrace 6.5 you will be able to identify the root-cause when your application status turns red immediately. You can provide insight details based on your target audience. Unlike in earlier versions, you can customize the transaction flow completely.

Dynatrace 6.5 automatically analyses each transaction and provide the insight information about the root-causes. It displays top findings such as response time, database problems, threading, error cause etc.

Total revamp in UEM which expedites the process of finding issues. You can see the users actions/navigation, breakdown for the user affected transactions and the browser details.

You can customize time frames, colors, and also create public dashboards. Also you can favorite your dashboards to view it quickly.

With Dynatrace 6.5, you can manage your licenses easily. Also, you can overview non-HTTP based applications and services.

You can integrate dynatrace with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Azure Web Apps and Azure services. You can use Docker container, Swagger-based REST APIs for automation and integration with third party systems.

You can create 100 profiles and view 5500 transactions per second on a single server. It is possible to leverage automation frameworks such as Selenium or Appium to perform tests across multiple browsers and devices. Dynatrace will capture the client-side metrics via UEM JavaScript agent.

CI the gradle plugin is now available in addition to Ant/Maven/NAnt and MSBuild.

Database insights for MySQL has been improved. It is possible to review the execution plans for MySQL and improved visibility into stored procedures, support for Windows Authentication and AD.

Apart from above, there are lot of enhancements and new features, please refer below link for more details.


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What's New in Dynatrace 6.5?

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