What is PCAP file in LoadRunner?

Pcap acronym is Packet Capture file which will have the network packet data captured by tools such as Wireshark, tcpdump, Kismet etc. The extension of Pcap file *.pcap. LoadRunner is capable of parsing pcap files and converts into script just like Fiddler session.

The recorded pcap file can be used for sniffing and analyzing the network activity.

To analyze the traffic and create a web services Vuser script for Web Services protocol, follow the below steps.

How to Create a PCAP File

  • Create a new web services protocol script in LoadRunner
  • Click on Analyze Traffic button. It will open Analyzing Traffic Wizard window which will have two step process.
  • In Add Services step, map the services which you want to analyze and then click on Next
  • Next, specify the traffic information by mapping the captured *.pcap file. You need to specify the incoming/outgoing server details, and further configuration such as Action, traffic filters and SSL configuration also can be added.
  • Click on Finish button

Pcap file will have lots of data which will be very tough to interpret. It is ideal to capture the traffic only when performance business actions.

If you get below error, make sure that there is no background network traffic is on.

Warning: One or more responses are missing or have missing packets. Therefore, a step may appear to be missing in the script.  This issue can be caused if the recording was stopped before all the responses were received. If the script is generated from a .pcap file, check if the file has missing packets.

What is PCAP file in LoadRunner?

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  1. Hello,
    I’m trying to convert .pcap file generated by tpacket capture in LoadRunner with HTTP protocol I’m getting error and i.e: “An appropriate Wireshark version is required “.

    Can you help me with this?


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