Welcome to LoadRunner Family!

Changes are inevitable. From past several months, Micro Focus kept quiet about LoadRunner roadmap. No major announcements from the product team. I was guessing the next update would be 13.0, but surprisingly Micro Focus released series of blog posts in their community page and announced LoadRunner Family. As you know, QAInsights will always be the first one to release a video or post. I have already published a video about LoadRunner Family, please check it out. This blog post will talk about the LoadRunner Family, what’s new, and other stuffs.

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Name Change

As I mentioned, changes are inevitable. We have been used to calling LoadRunner products using the version, but starting this release, Micro Focus has changed the product names. Henceforth,

  • LoadRunner will be known as LoadRunner Professional 2020
  • Performance Center will be known as LoadRunner Enterprise 2020
  • StormRunner will be known as LoadRunner Cloud 2020

Below are its new logos.

LoadRunner Family
LoadRunner Family

LoadRunner Professional is what you use on daily basis, it is an on-premise solution which includes Virtual User Generator, Controller, and Analysis.

LoadRunner Enterprise is an enterprise solution with script sharing, scheduling, manage teams across organization, and more features.

LoadRunner Cloud is scalable, low-cost solution for all of your performance needs. You will be leveraging cloud (AWS or Azure) load generators to simulate the workload.

What’s new?

Separate blog post and videos will be published on each topic such as VuGen, Analysis, Controller, TruClient, DevWeb etc. Let’s focus on high-level overview about LoadRunner Family.

  • DevWeb (formerly known as TruWeb) is now fully-supported protocol offering from Micro Focus. Initially it was a tech preview. DevWeb terms has also changed, you may want to read it before you start implementing it. It comes with 150 VUsers for free.
  • Lot of new features including Actionable Snapshots, Regenerate script from HAR, Jump to error line and more has been introduced.
  • Truclient now packed with new search bar at the top, Toolbox, JavaScript execution time, support for Chromium 76 and TruClient browser 65.0.3, and more.
  • Web Services protocol now has new WCF toolkit, and update support for WSDL importing, recording, replaying, and SAML.
  • SAP – Web protocol also got improvements in Recording report, HAR generation etc.
  • Web-based protocols now supports Wireshark up-to 3.0.2 and Fiddler up to 5.0.x.
  • Virtual User Generator got a new makeup in the user interface, LoadRunner Enterprise integration, Runtime settings etc.
  • Licensing: As usual, LoadRunner Community Edition comes with 50 virtual users, 1 JMeter Vuser, and Unlimited Mobile UI Vusers.
  • Controller online graphs has been revamped.
  • New UI for the HTML report and Analysis Summary report.
  • TLS 1.3 communication b/w Controller and Load Generators.
  • LoadRunner package comes with OpenJDK 11 (32 bit) for VuGen and OpenJDK 11, 32-bit (Windows); OpenJDK 8, 32-bit (Linux) for Load Generators.
  • Support for
    • Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) and Windows Server 2019
    • OpenSSL versions up to 1.1.1b
    • Ubuntu Server Linux 18.04 LTS
    • NUnit 3.12
  • No Local Help – LoadRunner 2020 package doesn’t come with the local help. You need internet access for the help. But you can download the Help and keep it in your local folders.

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