Web Services Performance Testing Webinar Replay

Web Services Performance Testing Webinar Replay – Today I conducted a free online exclusive webinar entitled ‘Web Services Performance Testing’. There were around 50+ participants registered and 20+ people had joined the webinar. This blog article focusses about this webinar.

My first webinar experience

I bought Lifetime deal on WebinarNinja in AppSumo couple years back. But I have not used it for the public webinar. But I thought of conducting it to my QAInsights Readers like you. I was not sure about the reception. But surprisingly I got 50+ registrations in two weeks of a span.

As per the plan, I started the webinar on time. But due to screen sharing options, my chrome browser crashed :(. I immediately created another event and shared it with everyone.

Probably, next time I need to conduct a test webinar before I start the actual one.

About participants

All the participants were interactive and asked me many questions. Thanks, guys. From now on, I will be conducting webinars every two weeks and try to cover various aspects of performance testing and its tools.


Here is the YouTube video of the recording.

Here is the slide which I used during the webinar. Please click on the top Free Registration button to register for my next webinar. Please stay tuned here for more such updates. Have a good one!

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