April 13, 2014

What is VAPI-XP Test in HP Quality Center?

Recently I got a chance to integrate CA LISA with HP Quality Center. Though there are numerous open source test management tools available, few organizations would prefer to have HP ALM (Application Life Cycle) formerly known as Quality Center (QC).

Now we will see what is VAPI-XP test and how to create VAPI-XP test in HP QC. VAPI-XP test is a utility in HP QC, which will help testers to create scripts in QC. Following languages, that QC supports:

  1. VB Script
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python Script
  4. Perl Script

You can integrate the scripts into your application management process. VAPI-XP scripts can be used to test the following:

  1. COM/DCOM server
  2. SOAP-based web services
  3. JAVA APIs
  4. Console Applications

Use of VAPI-XP Test

Assume that you want to launch CA LISA from HP QC and perform few tests, and then you want to update the status of the run whether it is PASS or FAIL. To automate tasks likewise, you will have write a VAPI-XP test script in HP QC.

How to create VAPI-XP test in QC?

  1. Create a new test by click on the New Test icon in HP QC
  2. Select test type as VAPI-XP test.
  3. Click on OK
  4. Now select the type of test and then click on Finish.
  5. Now go to Test Script tab, you will see the default test script generated by HP QC.
  6. You can have your own script to automate the test execution.

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