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In this blog post, we will see about how to use Performance Center for Load/Stress Testing. HP Performance Center is a web based application which enables performance test engineers to execute load/stress testing.

The main advantage of Performance Center is any number of users can access, plan, execute and analyze the results.

The knowledge of LoadRunner components such as VuGen, Controller and Analysis is preferable. Now we will see steps involved to conduct load / stress testing using Performance Center. If you noticed, I did not mention any version number of Performance Center. If I mentioned version here, this blog post will be outdated in near future. Here we are going to see core steps to conduct load / stress testing using Performance Center.

Steps involved in Performance Center to conduct Load / Stress Testing

a. Creating scripts using VuGen

b. Uploading scripts to Performance Center

c. Host Machines

d. Creating Scenarios

e. Booking Slots

f. Conducting Load / Stress Testing

g. Analyze Results

a. Creating scripts using VuGen

From Performance Center, VuGen tool can downloaded for creating scripts for the identified critical scenarios. Recording, Playback, enhancing scripts and unit test will yield base lined VuGen script for testing.

b. Uploading scripts to Performance Center

Base lined scripts should be uploaded to Performance Center. Scripts should be uploaded in *.zip format this can be achieved thru File menu in VuGen.

c. Host machines

Before conducting load / stress tests, we will see about host machines which acts as Controller which manages the load / stress test. Load Generator which actually generate traffic by executing Virtual Users (VUsers). Controller + Load Generator which acts as Controller and Load Generator. Above details can be seen at Timeslot page.

d. Creating Scenarios

By clicking on New Load Test in Load Test page, one can create scenarios for Load / Stress testing. Under Design Group, test engineers can specify the number of load generators which can set either by number or by percentage.

Scheduler is used to specify the number of virtual users for the load / stress tests. It allows test engineers to specify the duration, ramp-up, ramp-down, steady state span and run mode. It displays an interactive schedule graph for the test engineers.

e. Booking slots

As I mentioned in first paragraph, Performance Center is a web based application. Test Engineers across geographical location will be able to conduct load / stress testing. It is much important to book the slots, so that no conflict will raise during execution.

Timeslot displays the availability of load generators, controllers and VUsers. Test engineers need to specify the time slot and the required hosts to conduct his/her load / stress test.

f. Conducting Load / Stress Testing

To execute load test, go to Scheduler and click on Start button to execute load / stress test or click on Run button against the load test. Performance Center scans for any errors. If everything is green, we can see the number of VUsers running, passed/failed transactions details, errors etc.

g. Analyzing the results

Once the test gets completed, we can collate and analyze the result. Results will be available in *.html, and for analysis. Bottlenecks can be identified using correlating one or more graphs. The results can be downloaded and exported to Analysis tool for detailed analysis.

In next post, we will see about the best practices and the general errors that occurs during load / stress test.

References: Performance Testing Life Cycle, Load Test WorkLoad Design and Stress Test WorkLoad Design

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6 thoughts on “Using Performance Center”

  1. Hi Naveen-

    I have just started doing load test on performance Center. I usually book the time slot and let the test in auto run mode. Now my customer wants when the test gets completed the last run results should automatically download to local machine. Is there a way to write some automation script in vugen or VB scritp where results can automatically download from performance center.
    Thanks for your help in this.

  2. Hi Naveen,

    I need one information, as I am new to Performance Testing. I am bit confuse about the setup of Performance center. Do we still need separate Load Runner to be installed or using PC it will get installed.

  3. Respected Naveen,

    I am novice to HP Performance Center . And been assigned to SAP implementation project ( involving HCM, FICO & MM modules )

    Kindly suggest the approach to learn HP Performance Center so that will try for implementing it as a prototype




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