Upcoming Software Testing Free Webinars

I always share important software testing free webinars with my subscribers. In this blog post, I have listed out upcoming software testing free webinars. Please register yourself and learn stuffs.

Faster ROI with ALM Through Education

Join to hear the top reasons that thousands of HP Quality Center Enterprise customers have already upgraded to HP Application Lifecycle Management. Plus hear how customers are using the HP Adoption Readiness Tool in conjunction with the upgrade to produce self-educated users who are eagerly willing to take on the benefits of the new features in HP ALM which include:

  • Reduced IT Budget Overruns
  • Reduced Software Testing Expense
  • Increased visibility into reporting with easier access to data

View HP’s Online Privacy Statement at:


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Load and Performance Testing at the Speed of Agile:
Best Practices & Automation Tips

Register and attend this web seminar to learn how to guarantee app performance while keeping up with the pace of your Agile development teams. Join to hear about best practices and key steps for testing the performance of your web and mobile applications in an Agile environment.

Learn first-hand from Alex Podelko and Neotys about:

  • Benefits of being more Agile with your testing
  • Challenges with load testing web and mobile apps in an Agile environment
  • Best practices for testing app performance every iteration
  • Tips for automating load and performance testing
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State of Mobile Testing 2014

Register for the State of Mobile Testing 2014 to dive into the data collected from over 1,000 developers, testers, and consumers, and join in on the live commentary.
The #SOMT14 webinar will cover:  
  • New industry data about the state of mobile testing, in 2014 and beyond
  • Top challenges and keys to success in mobile
  • Secrets to mobile quality
  • The first ever, LIVE, public demonstration of TestComplete 10 – an exclusive breakdown of what one of the world’s most popular automated testing tools has in store for mobile.

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