Unboxing HPE StormRunner 2.7

Unboxing HPE StormRunner 2.7 StormRunner got an upgrade. We will see what’s new in HPE StormRunner 2.7 in this article. Please note that it is still HPE StormRunner, not Micro Focus StormRunner. You can check my previous article about StormRunner. Let us dive into new features of StormRunner 2.7

Unboxing HPE StormRunner 2.7
Unboxing HPE StormRunner 2.7

What’s new in StormRunner 2.7?

The main new features of StormRunner 2.7 is Bamboo plugin enhancements. You can download this plugin in Atlassian Marketplace. Here is the link to download the plugin.


StormRunner 2.7 now supports JMeter 3.2.

Following graphs have been added:

  • Max TRT
  • Min TRT
  • 99th. Percentile TRT
  • Total TPS
  • Connections

Now, you can handle large test results in CSV format.

Beta feature

Splunk integration helps you to export the script logs in real time. Please see the below video to know about the new features.

Unboxing HPE StormRunner 2.7

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