Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020

Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020 Eventually those who are working in the earlier versions of LoadRunner will soon start upgrading to 2020 packages. I have not officially started working in the 2020 versions. I hope my client will update the machines soon. This blog post will list out the things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020 packages.

Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020
Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020

What is going away in LoadRunner 2020? (Planned Future Removal)

TruClient Lite (already removed)

TruClient is not a cross-platform protocol unlike DevWeb. But Micro Focus has a chrome extension for TruClient called TruClient Lite where you can download it from the Chrome Web Store. But it is going away soon starting from the version 12.63, eventually it will be removed from the Chrome Web Store.

Micro Focus recommends to start using TruClient standalone version.

TruClient Synchronous APIs

Synchronous APIs in TruClient will be discontinued, instead you need to starting using Generic API Action.

TruClient Connection Measurement

You do not see Connections measurements in TruClient protocol load test results.

Configuring Start/End Transactions

Configuring Start and End transactions will be discontinued, instead you need to start using the End Events.

Removed Support

Operating System or ProtocolProductVersions
OSRed Hat Enterprise LinuxAll versions prior to 7.7
OSWindows 7All versions
OSWindows 101511 (November), 1703 (Creators)
OSWindows Server2008, 2008 R2
BrowserMicrosoft Internet ExplorerIE 10
.NET.NET Framework4.5, 4.5.1
Citrix ICACitrix XenApp and XenDesktop5.x, 6.x, 7.18
EclipseEclipse IDENeon, Mars, Luna, Oxygen, Photon
JavaJava6, 9, 10
JMeterApache JMeter2.13, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0
JUnitJUnit4.0 to 4.9.1
MAPIMicrosoft Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)2007
NUnitNUnit3.2, 3.4
Oracle 2-TierOracle Database9i R2, 10g and 11g R1
Oracle NCAOracle Forms4.5.10.8 and 6i+
SAP GUISAP GUI Client7.40, 7.50
SeleniumSelenium2.24.1 to 3.11.0
Siebel WebOracle Siebel CRM7.5.2, 7.5.3, 7.7 and 7.8
Teradici PCoIPTeradici PCoIP Agent2.7 to 2.11
Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager1.5 to 1.8.0
Teradici PCoIP Security Gateway1.11 to 1.13

Protocols that supports only replay

ProtocolSupported for replay only
Ajax Click & ScriptFrom version 12.60Tip: Migrate your existing Ajax Click & Script scripts to another Web protocol such as TruClient – Web or Web – HTTP/HTML
COM/DCOMFrom version 12.60
EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)From version 12.00
Java Record Replay with CORBAFrom version 12.60
JavaScript VuserFrom version 12.00
MMS (Media Player)From version 12.53
MMS (Multimedia messaging service)From version 12.53
SilverlightFrom version 12.55
VBScript VuserFrom version 12.00
Web – Click and ScriptFrom version 12.00

Fully removed protocol support

ProtocolSupported for replay onlyNo support
DB2 CLIFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
i-modeFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
InformixFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
PeopleSoft EnterpriseFrom version 12.00From version 12.55
PeopleSoft -TuxedoFrom version 12.00From version 12.55
RealFrom version 11.50From version 12.55
SAP – Click & ScriptFrom version 12.53From version 12.55
Siebel – DB2 CLIFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
Siebel MSSQLFrom version 12.55
Siebel OracleFrom version 12.55
SQL ServerFrom version 11.50From version 12.55
Sybase CtlibFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
Sybase DblibFrom version 11.00From version 12.55
VB VuserFrom version 11.50
VoiceXML (VXML)From version 11.00From version 12.55
WAPFrom version 11.50From version 12.55

Future Removal

Operating System or ProtocolProductVersions
OSWindows 101709 (Fall Creators)
FlexAdobe LiveCycle Data ServicesES2 3.1 and ES4 4.7
Teradici PCoIPTeradici PCoIP Teradici Agent2.12 to 2.13
Teradici PCoIP – VMware Horizon6.2.1
Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020

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