The Cost of running PerfGPT on AWS

Last month we launched PerfGPT – AI-powered performance test results analysis web app powered by OpenAI’s da-vinci GPT model. It has been four weeks and the platform has more than 240 plus users and analyzed more than 200 plus test results. OpenAI consumed more than 580K tokens. In this blog post, I am going to share the cost insights of PerfGPT.

PerfGPT Architecture


Below is the high level architecture of PerfGPT focusing on AWS components (high resolution format).

PerfGPT Architecture

The following are the AWS services which are powering PerfGPT:

  1. CodePipeline
  2. Elastic Load Balancer
  3. Elastic Compute Cloud
  4. API Gateway
  5. Lambda
  6. DynamoDB
  7. Cloudwatch
  8. Secrets Manager

As you know, PerfGPT is an open source project. The source code is available to review on GitHub. Once the code is pushed to the main branch, AWS CodePipeline automatically kicks off the deployment process. Thanks to Continous Deployment.

For a mature and error-prone deployment, I have built an identical stage environment. This will increase the expense 2x. I had to do this, otherwise, I would be spending more time on my weekends fixing defects in the production environment.

Other Components

The following are the other components which are adding up to the monthly expense.

  1. OpenAI API usage
  2. domain

Free Components

The following are the components which are being consumed by PerfGPT:

  1. New Relic
  2. Sentry
  3. Mixpanel


I procured the domain from NameCheap (affiliate link). TLS certificates from Cloudflare.

AWS Cost

Now, let us focus on the cost associated with each service. As forementioned, PerfGPT has two environments: stage and production.

Here is the cost explorer snapshot from AWS for the month of February 2023.

The total cost was $49. Most of the expense went towards EC2 and ELB which is approximately $40.

AWS Cost Explorer - PerfGPT
AWS Cost Explorer – PerfGPT

Open AI Cost

Now, let us see the OpenAI API usage for the month of February. I spent around $19 for 500K tokens.

OpenAI Usage PerfGPT
OpenAI Usage PerfGPT

AI TLD Domain Cost

Today, I registered and routed the traffic to PerfGPT.AI. AI TLDs are expensive. I was able to buy it for $134 for two years at NameCheap. If I delay, someone will purchase it :)

Overall Cost

The total cost of running PerfGPT per month (considering the domain name as well) is around $75 USD.

Right now, PerfGPT is free to use and limited to 10 uploads per month with 10 MiB file size.

If you are interested in sponsoring this cost, please contact me either on LinkedIn or Twitter. Happy to add your advertisement on the home page of PerfGPT.

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