Testplant eggOn for mobile testing automation

Testplant launched eggOn v1.0 for mobile testing automation tool which enables test engineers to automate iOS and Android devices without jail breaking or rooting and without modifying any application in the mobile device.

It can test native apps, web apps and in-built apps like Chrome, Safari etc. For more information please see the Press Release, eggPlant for Mobile Background, and eggPlant for Mobile Comparison Sheet.

Supported Platforms

Testplant eggOn mobile testing automation - QAInsights.com
Mobile users are sky-rocketing. Hence, it is crucial to any organization to develop and deploy mobile apps for business growth. Testplant eggOn helps software test engineers to automate mobile devices to write one script and to use it across various multiple devices and emulators.

eggOn is very simple to use. No development experience is required. Also it is possible to test the apps in a firewall. It uses patented image recognition technology which helps test engineers to see and interact with any device in any kind of apps.

Click the video to see eggPlant testing smart phone.

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