Testing.com domain is available for sale

Believe it or not, testing.com domain is available for sale now at GoDaddy Auction. According to whois.icann.org lookup, testing.com domain belongs to fabulous.com who registered testing.com domain in 1993. Domain age is almost 22 years old.

Domain is getting expired on Feb 09, 2016. Before someone grabs it, still there is a chance for you to win in the auction. Testing is very famous, well known dictionary word.

Synonyms for testing is: examination, measurement, test, trial, verification, examining, experimentation, experimenting, measuring, proof, proving and experiment. You can check for more words at http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/testing

From my experience, testing.com has a huge potential. It can be used for any quality related industry like Automobile, Information Technology, Education, Entertainment etc., All manufacturers can setup dedicated domain for QA related stuffs. If I get that domain, I will create sub-domains such as performance.testing.com, system.testing.com, iphone.testing.com, mobile.testing.com etc.

How to bid testing.com domain?

  1. Create an account with GoDaddy which is free
  2. To bid/buy or sell you must be a member of GoDaddy Auctions.
  3. Once you logged in, go to Domains > Find a Domain
  4. Enter testing.com and press enter. Click on GET IT button as shown below.
Testing Domain Availabilty
Testing Domain Availabilty

Enter the amount greater than the current bid value in the textbox which is at the top right as shown below and then click on Continue to Review Once it is approved by the seller, you bid will get listed and you will get notified appropriately. Seller can accept/counter/decline or disregard your bid.

Bidding Process
Bidding Process

I got the GoDaddy Auction Membership for 3.49 per year after entering the promo code. If you want to save 49 cents more, please join ebates program.

Good luck!

Testing Domain Availabilty

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