HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) 11.0x End of Support

HP has announced that HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) 11.0x Obsolescence. Below is the key dates for the committed support and extended support. In my earlier post, I have mentioned about HP QC Obsolescence. Following are the products which comes into obsolescence: HP Functional Testing Software Series HP Functional Testing Legacy Upgrades Software […]

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QTP/UFT HP Run Result Viewer is “blank”

Hello Automation Engineers, Have you faced HP Run Result Viewer is “blank” error? In this blog post, we will see how to solve HP Run Result Viewer is “blank” error. First, create a valid test script in UFT/QTP. Execute the script and check whether result has been generated or not. […]

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Web Service Testing using HP UFT (QTP)

This presentation explains about how to perform web service testing using HP UFT (QTP). Web Service Testing using HP UFT (QTP) enables testers to test services quickly and effectively. Web service testing using QTP (UFT) from NaveenKumar Namachivayam Thanks for visiting QAInsights! Check out our new portal to get updates on […]

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