Localized HP Unified Functional Testing 11.51 Service Pack

Have you tried to install QTP/UFT is different languages? In this blog post, we will see about how to get localized HP Unified Functional testing 11.51 service pack installation references. Localized HP Unified Functional Testing 11.51 Service Pack helps you to install QTP/UFT in following 10 languages: 1.¬†Simplified Chinese 2.¬†German […]

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How to upgrade from QTP to UFT? Questions answered.

Many of the project managers were skeptical to upgrade from QTP to UFT 11.5, though they have potential to upgrade. There might be many reasons such as older scripts will throw errors, incompatibility between older and newer scripts etc. Let me bring few points which clarifies such questions. Upgrade UFT […]

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Integrate LoadRunner with UFT

In Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), here are the phases for effective and quality delivery of products to the customers. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation Environment Setup Test Strategy and Planning Test Case/Script Design Test Case/Script Execution Defect Logging Test Result and Report Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life […]

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