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Solving Could not create enough Components to service your request (Timed out) in Apache JMeter

Recently when I was working in JMeter to performance test the JDBC database, I got Could not create enough Components to service your request (Timed out) error. I was skeptical about how to solve this issue. I knew this is something related to the JDBC Connection Properties. There I tuned few of the parameters which yielded positive results.

How I troubleshooted the timed out error?

Follow the below steps to solve the timed out error:

  1. Go to your JDBC Connection Configuration
  2. Enter 0 (zero) in Max Number of Connections
  3. Enter 60000 in Pool Timeout

See the below screenshots. Also, instead of 0 in Max Number of Connections, you can enter ${__threadNum}

Before JDBC Connection Properties
Before JDBC Connection Properties
After JDBC Connection Properties
After JDBC Connection Properties

Here is the additional tip.

How to get the number of threads in run time and pass the value to the other elements? 

Use ${__threadNum} in the sampler which will throw the current value of threads. This function will be very useful in case if you want to calculate the timer based on the number of threads.

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  1. Im sorry but this is not a solution; tried and failed miserably. Please, if you dont know squat about something, dont post it. This config would dramatically increase error percentage. This error indicates that the database is not capable of handling enough connections.

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