How to simulate bandwidth in JMeter?

Recently in my project, we got a situation to simulate bandwidth in JMeter tool. In LoadRunner, it is pretty easy to simulate, press F4, click on Speed Simulation under Network, select the desired speed level. But it is not straight forward in Apache JMeter.

How to simulate bandwidth in JMeter?

Go to JMETER_HOME\bin folder, open file in your favorite editor, search for httpclient.socket.http.cps=0.

Uncomment that line and enter your desired bandwidth to simulate. If your application under test is HTTPS protocol, then uncomment httpclient.socket.https.cps=0

Before entering your value in CPS (Character Per Second), use below calculator to convert your kbps to cps. e.g. if your desired bandwidth is 100 kbps, then the cps would be 12800.

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