February 4, 2014

Service Virtualization for Dummies eBook

Below is the eBook – sponsored by IBM about Service Virtualization.

This eBook discover how service Virtualization fits into the big picture of software quality.

Also, learn how to

increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes to deliver higher quality software, while reducing testing downtime and testing cost.

What is Service Virtualization?

Service Virtualization is the process of reproducing/mirroring the original behavior of the software and its components. This expedites the process of testing and development team without dependencies to complete their work.

Let me explain with an example. Consider that you are building Pizza Online Order portal. Assume, you haven’t got the complete code build for payment gateway. In this situation, you will virtualize the payment gateway service that simulates the behavior of payment portal.

Learn More from below eBook.

Service Virtualization for Dummies eBook

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