Selenium 2.35.0 Released

Good news to Selenium engineers. Selenium Server, Client and Webdriver Language Bindings 2.35.0 has been released recently. Below are the links to download Selenium 2.35.0 components.

  • Selenium Server Download version 2.35.0
  • The Internet Explorer Driver Server Download version 2.35.0 for (recommended) 32 bit Windows IE or 64 bit Windows IE
  • Selenium Client and WebDriver Language Bindings
Java2.35.02013-08-14DownloadChange logJavadoc
C#2.35.02013-08-14DownloadChange logAPI docs
Ruby2.35.02013-08-14DownloadChange logAPI docs
Python2.35.02013-08-14DownloadChange logAPI docs
Javascript (Node)2.35.02013-08-14DownloadChange log

Java Change log:

  • Supports Firefox 23
  • Removed deprecated interactions
  • Operadriver 1.4
  • setProxyDriver capability
  • Fixed invalid path errors

.NET Change log:

  • Removed trailing slashes from baseUrl in .NET to prevent double slashes in URL.
  • Removed unnecessary ProxyJsonConverter class.
  • Updated InternetExplorerOptions documentation for UsePerProcessProxy property.

Python Change log:

  • Removed duplicate ‘get screenshot as file’ methods. Add method ‘get_screenshot_as_png’
  • Fixed UnicodeEncodeError on get attribute of webelement

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