Running Vusers as a Process or Threads

It is often skeptical when choosing between Run Vusers as a process or threads in Controller. We are going to see which option is ideal for simulating real load.


When you execute a scenario in Controller, Controllers uses a driver program called mdrv.exe or r3vuser.exe to run Vusers. If the tester selected Run Vuser as a process, for each Vuser separate process will be created again and again. E.g. If the scenario needs 50 Vusers, it will create 50 processes to simulate 50 Vusers. During steady state, driver program utilizes large portion of RAM and other resources.

If the tester selected, Run Vuser a thread, Controller creates only one instance of driver program for all 50 Vusers (by default). If the load is 100, then it will create two driver programs for simulation. Run Vuser a thread option helps to create more and more Vusers by limiting the utilization of RAM and other system resources.

  • Run Vuser as a process. Disables multithreading.
  • Run Vuser as a thread. Enables multithreading.

Running Vusers as a process or Threads in LoadRunner

For MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) protocol select Run Vuser as a process.

For Java Protocol, you may face problems when running Vuser as a thread. To solve the issue, you need to instruct each Vuser to run with its own context loaded by declaring following function at the beginning of init section: DummyClassLoader.setContextClassLoader();

Please remember, if the recorded application supports multithreading, then the Vuser script will also support multithreading.

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Running Vusers as a process or Threads in LoadRunner

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