How to run Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services?

How to run Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services? Do you know that it is possible to run your Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services for free? Keep reading this article to know about how to run Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services. VSTS allows developers or testers to unit test, manual test, load test, exploratory test and continuous test. Also, VSTS has lots of features such as Git, TFVC, Agile Tools, CI, tools for Java, Release Management, Cloud based testing, testing tools and effective reporting utilities and many more.


Before you begin the load test, all you need is to create a free VSTS account here. This will create a subdomain with as shown below.

VSTS Account
VSTS Account

Click on New team project to create a new project. Once it is created, go to that project and then click on Test > Load Test as shown below.


How to create Apache JMeter tests with VSTS?

To create and execute high-scale load test in JMeter and analyze the results, click on Create test button as shown below.

Create Test
Create Test

Upon clicking on Create test, you will need to fill below fields as shown below. Select the Load location to select the load generator location. Click on Run Test button to start the load test.

Upload JMeter script
Upload JMeter script

During the run time, you can view the performance statistics as shown below. You can abort the test by clicking on Abort button.

Important Note: You should upload valid JMeter test plan to execute the test successfully. E.g. your test plan must not have any listeners enabled.

Acquiring resources
Acquiring resources

Once the execution is done, you can view the results. Below is the sample results of the load test.

Sample Load Test Results
Sample Load Test Results

Apart from JMeter test, it is possible to create URL based test, Visual Studio test, and HTTP Archive based test.

Types of Tests in VSTS
Types of Tests in VSTS

Cons of running Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services

There are few disadvantages of running Apache JMeter tests in VSTS.

  • VSTS supports only Apache JMeter 2.13. JMeter 2.13 is pretty outdated. Lots of enhancements and bug fixes have been in JMeter 3.12.
  • It supports only HTTP samplers.
  • To pass the custom properties, you need to upload the *.properties in supporting files field.
  • You get 20000 virtual user minutes for free, but of your tests requires beyond that, you need to purchase the additional minutes. Maximum number of users you can inject is 100 crore.
  • Only 13 locations are available for load test

Also, it is possible to leverage VSTS APIs for load test. Using the APIs, you can start/stop the test, get the results, get exceptions, get all the test status, get application counters, get samplers details and get messages of the load tests. For more details, you can check this link.

Your turn: Have you executed any JMeter tests from VSTS? If yes, please share your experience.

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Apache JMeter tests with Visual Studio Team Services

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