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QAInsights is completed its one year last week. Thanks to QAInsights readers, subscribers, visitors, friends, my sponsors and my family members. I didn’t think that QAInsights will grow 10K monthly visits just in ten months (first two months, I am the only person visits my website :) ). Thanks to search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

My objective is to learn, experiment, teach/share the knowledge of software testing that I acquired.

You need to tell me whether I am fulfilling my objectives in the right direction. If not, please guide me to help software testing community better. In coming months, I planned to write ebooks and publish it for less price (3$-5$). I request you to support me to run this website forever.

I am very happy to share my QAInsights Infographics. Before that please read further.

It’s time to pay back.

YES. As a exciting offer to QAInsights visitors, I am planning to OFFER 1 YEAR FREE ACCESS to 50 Software Testing books. Absolutely FREE. All you need to do is participate in below competition. Don’t think that competition is technical one, it is pretty easy, you need to share stuffs in Facebook and Twitter and leave a nice comment in my blog.

Participate, and earn more points, you can win 1 year free access to software testing books. That’s all from my end. Again, I am thanking YOU everyone for making my website visible across the globe. I am expecting you to keep encourage and support for my future activities.

A BIG Thank you!



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Free Give Away is subject to change, anytime QAInsights can stop/revoke the competition.

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