Productivity Tools for Software Testers

In this article, I am going to share the productivity tools for software testers which expedites the testing, reporting, and for analysis. I have been using below tools from almost 8+ years.

  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Excel
  • LightShot
  • XMind
  • Sticky Notes
  • LastPass

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is my favorite note taking tool. It will be always in my notification bar. I create multiple notebooks with color code for each of my project which I am working. The projects which are green, yellow, and red will be marked appropriately.

I use tags to mark the items which I need to accomplish.

OneNote Tags
OneNote Tags

When I am participating in any project team meetings, I use the above shortcuts which will help me to save time.

Whenever I take screenshots, it will automatically got pasted to OneNote screen clippings. To configure, launch OneNote, go to File > Options, click on Send to OneNote. Then, select Screen clippings drop-down to select where you want to send the screenshot.

OneNote Settings
OneNote Settings

Microsoft Excel

Who is not using Microsoft Excel? My favorite spreadsheet program and I have authored a book entitled Excel in MS Excel. Please do check it out. I use MS Excel program to track the project status, script matrix, reporting, and you name it. I create tools in MS Excel VBA which expedites my project work.


LightShot is a famous screen grabbing tool where you can customize the screenshot and share it across social media. It is very easy to use and you can edit the screenshots with powerful editors.

LightShot is available for both Windows and Mac systems.


How I captured above screenshot?

First I launched LightShot and then I selected an area. Then, I pressed Windows + S, which will invoke OneNote.


XMind is powerful mind mapping tool which is available in free, plus and pro version. I always to XMind to follow the checklist, processes, and best practices. Below is one of the mind mapping for performance test execution and scripting.

It is very easy to use and export. Plus and Pro version will gives flexibility in exporting the maps to different formats and there will be creation toolbox, Gantt charts, Business toolbox, and many more.

Performance Testing Mind Map
Performance Testing Mind Map

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes comes by default in Windows OS. I use sticky notes to note down any contact numbers, emails ids, conference code, support ticket numbers, reference ids etc. I use the color code as well to identify the notes quickly.

Sticky Note
Sticky Note


I have been using LastPass from past 3-4 years to store my credentials. I like LastPass because it is free, simple, and you can store unlimited credentials, secret notes, in the vault. I prefer Auto-Login for the websites I visit daily.

LastPass premium is affordable, it is just $12 per year. Please visit LastPass using this link , we both get one month of free LastPass premium.

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