Performance Testing Team Roles and Responsibilities

Performance testing is not a one man show. For the successful project deliverables, it requires a team effort with varying skill sets. In this article, you are going to understand how performance testing team roles and responsibilities.

I am not going to elaborate about the top-level management folks like Senior Project Manager, Vice President, Senior Vice President, CxOs et cetera. They are purely from management arena, but you are going to see about from the Project Manager to Performance Tester. Let us follow the bottom-up approach where we will start from Performance Tester.

Performance Testing Team Chart

Performance Testing Team Chart
Performance Testing Team Chart

Performance Tester or Performance Test Engineer

Performance Tester or Performance Test Engineer is the critical resource for any performance testing projects. They are the building blocks for the project. Following are their responsibilities.

  • Understanding the non-functional requirements from business
  • Analyzing the critical business scenarios
  • Analyzing the service level agreement objectives
  • Developing the test scripts
  • Enhancing the scripts by creating/implementing
    • Parameterization
    • Checkpoints
    • Transactions
    • Reusable functions
    • Correlations
    • Actions/Blocks
    • Iterations
    • Pacing
    • Think Time
  • Designing workload model
  • Test Execution
  • Test Monitoring
  • Analyzing the test results
  • Preparing the test report

Performance Testing Team Roles and Responsibilities

Lead Performance Tester or Team Lead

Lead Performance Tester or Team Lead are the captain for the ship who ensures safe travel. They might not involve in scripting and execution, but they should lend their hands if the tester is facing any issue in scripting.

Following are their responsibilities:

  1. Conduct meeting with the business or development team to identify the scope
  2. Thorough understanding of business and the infrastructure
  3. Preparing the performance test strategy
  4. Analyzing the tool capabilities
  5. Securing the performance test environment
  6. Communicating with business/development team manager regularly
  7. Coordinating performance testers and monitoring their progress
  8. Reviewing the test scripts
  9. Reviewing the workload model
  10. Reviewing the test execution results
  11. Reviewing the final test results
  12. Conducting defect triage meetings
  13. Presenting the report to the development/business team
  14. Securing the approvals from the architects

Apart from test engineer and test lead, there are other folks who will help performance testers for the successful deliverables.

QA Team

If performance tester faces any issues in recording the business flow, or to validate the business scenarios, they would be contacting QA team who are experts in the business functionalities. QA team provides their supports and review the business scenarios in the non-production environment.

Environment Team

Environment team ensures the non-production environment is properly configured or not. They optimize the environment, start/stop the servers (if required), provides environment supports during execution.

Test Data Team

Test data team provides valid test data for non-production environment. Usually the test data will be from production but it will be in the scrambled format. In few instances, performance testing team will not be able to generate thousands of test data. Test data team ensures the proper test data being provided to testing team.

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Performance Testing Team Roles and Responsibilities

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