Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website

Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website On Dec 31, Indian Superstar Rajinikanth announced his political entry after 25+ years of chaos and confusion among his fans and TN people. Very next day IT wing of Rajni Makkal Mandram (formerly known as Rajini Mandram) released an app in Google Play Store and a website

In this inception blog of 2018, I am going to review about Rajini Makkal Mandram website from a performance tester/engineer perspective and also from the end users’ perspective. Please note that this is only for informational purpose, not to exploit any systems.

Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website

About Rajini Mandram Website:

We will start with the metadata about the Rajini Makkal Mandram website. Below is the important dates that needs to be in their calendar.

  • Updated Date: 2018-01-01
  • Created Date: 2017-12-31
  • Registry Expiry Date: 2018-12-31

It is clearly says that the domain has been registered on Dec 31, 2017 and it is going to expire on Dec 31, 2018. They have registered their domain only for an year.

Public contact information has been encapsulated for privacy sake. has been maintained and protected by the third party private registration firm

Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website
Meta Data

Registrar is GoDaddy and the name servers are from cloudflare.

How popular is

Below is the screenshot from Alexa which shows the Global ranking and in India. It is growing day-by-day.

Alexa Rank Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website
Alexa Rank

Google Pagespeed Result

I have tested website from Chicago during CST noon hours. Here is the result. For both the mobile and desktop, it scored Needs Work.

PageSpeed Insights Mobile
PageSpeed Insights Mobile
PageSpeed Insights Desktop
PageSpeed Insights Desktop

Technology Used

There are various technologies and framework has been used in I am going to list out the critical ones.

  • Web Accelerator by Cloudflare has been used to reduce the website access times; it is a web proxy server.
  • Nginx powers the web server
  • jQuery, BootStrap, and Moment.js powers the client side UI.
  • Images are in PNG
  • Protocol is HTTPS. Also HTTP/2 has been implemented.
  • SSL is powered by Comodo

User Interface Experience and Functionalities

Definitely it is quite crystal clear that the website has been released without proper design and testing. There are lot of elements missing in the home page and it is not completely designed as per webmaster guidelines. E.g. blinking text in the web page has become obsolete (though the browser supports), but in the header there is a blinking text in the home page and in all the pages.

The pages are mainly displaying in Tamil language, but there are placeholders in English and Tamil.

CAPTCHA has been implemented in the Registration page as well as in the Login page to prevent the bots.

All you need is a valid mobile number and email ID to register. But the registration is not secured i.e. anyone with any mobile number will be able to register in the website and login. There is no One Time Password or multi-factor authentication implemented.

Registration is smooth and quick; after logging in, the pages are built using JSP. In the left side, there are options to add new members, update profile, contact us and bulletin page.

Anybody can add any members without their consent, i.e. dummy data is possible ‘n’ number of times in the Add New Member page, there is no CAPTCHA implemented in the Add New Member page.

Performance Measurements

Without clearing cache and cookies, website tool 2.42 seconds to load completely in Chrome browser

After clearing cache and cookies, website tool 5.74 seconds to load completely in Chrome browser.

Following pages response time has been calculated from Chicago public wireless connectivity in Safari browser.

  • Contact Us page response time is 2.45s
  • Update Profile response time is 1.19s
  • Actual updating profile response time is 1.45s
  • Add New Member response time is 1.46s
  • Adding a new member response time is 1.98s
  • Bulletin page response time is 4.81s

Overall Experience

From the testers’ perspective, clearly it needs work in terms of user interface, functionalities, security and performance. Lot of critical defects in each business flow which will create regressions. I hope IT wing has big data team to wipe out the dummy data.

From the end users’ perspective, the site may look intuitive, but there are chances that your data might be misused because there is no multi-factor authentication enabled. I suggest to register directly by visiting the authorized office till the website is fully secure.

Performance Analysis of Rajini Makkal Mandram Website

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