Noise Generator in Performance Testing

What is a Noise Generator?

In this article, we will see about noise generator in performance testing and its purpose. Recently HP has released its latest version of LoadRunner 12.02 with the capability of adding noise generation in the Controller.

Noise Generator

We can follow two approaches while testing the performance of the application: with noise generation and without noise generation. Typical tests with complex business scenarios, actions, transactions, etc. would be without noise generation.

Along with a complex business scenarios, actions, transactions, if you add a small load of GET request of the core URL that you are testing creates a noise in the background. This is called Noise Generator.

How to add Noise Generator to your script in LoadRunner?

Follow the below steps to add a noise generator to the scenario:

  1. Launch Controller
  2. In Design tab, right click on the script and select Add Script as shown below.
Add Script
Add Script
  1. Select Use a Noise Generator script accessing the following URL: and enter the URL under test as shown below.
Add Script Dialog
Add Script Dialog
  1. Click on OK.

Script path will be automatically added with the prefix “Noise_”. If you see the details of the script, you could see the script type as Noise as shown below.

Script Information
Script Information

Advantages of Noise Generator

  • No need to script the flow
  • One click settings
  • No specific configuration is required

Please note that you need to pay one tenth of the price of a regular virtual user.

Add Script Dialog

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