October 25, 2012

New Features of HP LoadRunner 11.5

LoadRunner 11.5 was released on June 5, 2012. I was part of LoadRunner beta testing team and reported few issues. Performance Center 11.5 was also released. With much effort of R&D, LoadRunner has revamped and transformed into brand new product.

VuGen design is based on SharpDevelop IDE (an Open Source under LGPL). We will see, what are all the new features that catches your eyes.

There are lots of new icons, new colors and dockable windows which increases the usability. Most of the dialog box options have been completely re-designed. Debugger for C has been added. Step Navigator has been added by replacing Tree View.

Much improved Correlation Studio; there is no need to execute your script to find the correlation errors. TruClient for IE has been added i.e. only for HTML + Java Script websites. Real Time Messaging Protocol has been added.

.NET 4 supports implemented. AJAX polling types has been added. DFE for Google Web Kit has been added for easy reading and writing data. VUGen now supports 64 bit applications as well. Bundles has been shuffled, Mobile Applications Protocol has been shifted to Web & Multimedia bundle.

To upgrade from LR 11 to :R11.5 you required a new license key from HP. Lots of new features are there. Here I have listed only important and useful stuffs.

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