Must have tools for performance testers and engineers

In this article, I am going to list out must have tools for performance testers and engineers which helps in productivity, scripting, performance testing and many more. Below list is not in any order or rank. It is just a list, based on my experience. I am trying to keep the list covering multiple areas such as tools and add-ons for testing, scripting etc. If you have any interesting tool, editor, utility, please do add it in the comment section. Now let us jump.

Must have tools for performance testers and engineers
Must have tools for performance testers and engineers

Must have tools for performance testers and engineers

Micro Focus LoadRunner

Whenever I do reimage or bought a new laptop, first thing I install is Micro Focus LoadRunner. It is free up-to 50 virtual users lifetime and works only ((VuGen and Analysis)) in Windows platform. Just login into Micro Focus website and download the bulk installables with additional components.

Apache JMeter

It is a sin if do not know or install Apache JMeter, if you are performance tester or engineer. Works in any platform, easy to setup, record, load test with unlimited virtual users (based on your laptop configuration) and analyse the results in Excel. JMeter plugins are must to install


Performance engineers’ must have installable is Dynatrace. You get free personal license and it is a mistake if you are not a member of dynatrace community and doesn’t know about Andy Grabner.


It is not fair, if you installed only Dynatrace without AppDynamics (: Give a try using free trial which comes for 15 days only ):


An Open source editor where you can do much more beyond than notepad. If you are working web services’ performance testing, you must install Compare and XML beautification plugins.

Beyond Compare

To compare scripts, folders, files and what-not, go for Pro version of Beyond Compare to explore all the capabilities. Check with your company whether they can afford Enterprise version of Beyond Compare.


Boom for web service functional testers. It is a great tool to create smoke tests your environment or service. If you need pro features, you need to install SOAPUI Pro version.


If you are electrical and electronics engineer turned performance tester, then you like LoadUI where you can design your load tests using circuits.


From my opinion, every performance tester must know about test automation. Selenium has capable to load test your website by leveraging Amazon Web Services. Please start learning Selenium even though you hate Java.


Though LoadRunner is built based on Fiddler, it is good to have this network sniffer to analyze the traffic logs.


Who told only developers can have fun with PostMan. Download to explore the capabilities of PostMan for your API testing and monitoring.


If you are fan of headless testing, download right away PhantomJS. LinkedIn and Netflix using PhantomJS based tools for testing. Start using PhantomJS for small gigs.

Apart from the above list, I do have Microsoft Office, IntelliJ, LastPass, Ommwriter, Right Margin and many more :) utilities to speed up my daily tasks.

Your turn: Please feel free to add your tools and utilities.

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Must have tools for performance testers and engineers

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