Must have Jenkins plugins for Testers

Must have Jenkins plugins for testers – I hope my previous articles on Jenkins were quite helpful. There are around 1000+ Jenkins plugins available to support building, deploying and to automate almost anything. In this article, I am going to share must have Jenkins plugins for testers which help to expedite the process.

About Jenkins Plugins

Jenkins plugins are community contributed. You can download Jenkins plugins from here You can browse by Platforms, User Interface, Administration, Source Code Management, or Build Management; else you can search by entering relevant keywords.

Must have Jenkins plugins for Testers
Plugins Index – Must have Jenkins plugins for Testers

How to install Jenkins plugins?

Now we shall see how to install Jenkins plugins. I believe that you have already installed Jenkins successfully. You must login as administrator in Jenkins to install plugins. Below are the steps to be followed to install plugins.

Login as administrator in Jenkins.

Click on Manage Jenkins as shown below. You will be redirected to http://localhost:8080/manage

Manage Jenkins
Manage Jenkins

Click on Manage Plugins again as shown below.

Manage Plugins
Manage Plugins

By default, you can see four tabs: Updates, Available, Installed, and Advanced.

  • Updates tab will list the plugins which are already installed and the updates are available.
  • Available tab will list all the plugins which are available to install.
  • Installed tab will list all the plugins are already installed.
  • Advanced tab will allow you to configure the HTTP proxy configuration, Upload Plugin, and Update Site option.
Updates, Available, Installed and Advanced tabs
Updates, Available, Installed and Advanced tabs

In this example, we shall see how to install LDAP Email Plugin. Go to Available tab, and enter email in the search box. Instantly you will get the relevant results. LDAP Email Plugin resolves the email addresses from LDAP directory. It is similar to Check Names feature in MS Outlook.

To install, check LDAP Email Plugin and then click on Install without restart as shown below.

Installing Jenkins Plugins
Installing Jenkins Plugins

While installing, you will get below message. Check Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running to install LDAP Email Plugin.

Restart Jenkins
Restart Jenkins

Once the checkbox is checked, you will get below message.

Installing Plugins
Installing Plugins

Based on your internet bandwidth it takes few minutes to get it installed. You will be redirected to login page once the plugin is installed. You can check whether the plugin is installed or not by checking in the Installed tab. Please let me know if you face any issues during installation. Happy to help you. Now we shall see about the must have Jenkins plugins for testers.

Must have Jenkins plugins for testers

Below list is not arranged in any order. I have analyzed the Jenkins plugins which are very useful for testers. I will try to cover most of the testing genres like test automation, performance testing etc. If I missed any plugin which is super cool, please add those in the comments.

Performance Publisher Plugin

This plugin helps to generate the global and trend reports to analyze the test results. If you have XML results format, you must install this plugin to generate reports and trends. You can generate XML results in JMeter or Selenium or any tool. This plugin needs only your XML file, and don’t care which tool you used. For more information, visit

OctoPerf Load Testing

If you are using OctoPerf testing services, you must install OctoPerf Load Testing plugin to integrate with CI stack. This plugin integrates best with JUnit plugin and Performance Plugin.


This plugin is must to have if you are using Selenium. TestingBot is a browser testing in the cloud service. You can integrate TestingBot Tunnel with Jenkins by installing the TestingBot plugin. Also, you can see videos/screenshots of your Selenium tests and manage your API credentials.

Rigor Optimization Website Performance Testing

Only 8 installs till today. It is because you need a valid license to using this plugin. You can launch Rigor performance scans from Jenkins easily. Also, you can configure the build failure behavior and other parameters.

LoadFocus Plugin

This plugin also has only 12 installs and last updated was a year ago. You need valid API keys to integrate LoadFocus with Jenkins seamlessly. This plugin allows you to configure the Post-Build action.


If you want to integrate your JUnit builds with qTest Test Case Management, then you need to install this plugin to log the test results. You need qTest API to integrate with Jenkins.

WebLOAD Load Testing

You can trigger WebLOAD tests and generate reports by installing this plugin. You need to install WebLOAD in your system and you need to run Jenkins as a Service, not as a local account.


If you are leveraging service to perform tests over massive browser combinations then you need to install this plugin to integrate seamlessly. All you need is valid API.

Test Odyssey

This plugin has just one install till today. If you are using Test Odyssey (cloud based script-less functional testing tool), then you can configure the tests to execute. You need valid credentials to integrate.

Nouvala DiveCloud

This plugin enables you to integrate Jenkins to run performance tests in Nouvala. You need a valid API to leverage Nouvala in Jenkins. Then you can add a build step to create Nouvala tests.

Managed Script Plugin

Managed Script Plugin helps you to execute shell scripting and can be referenced in the build step. This is a must have plugin to run shell scripts hassle-free.

HP ALM Quality Center Plugin

I believe many of you already using this plugin in your organization. This plugin allows you to synchronize the test results with HP ALM QC.

HP Application Automation Tools

This plugin supports you to execute performance tests, UFT scripts, run tests in the lab and run tests on mobile devices. Also, you can upload the results to ALM and ALM Octane users can track and trigger Jenkins pipeline. This plugin supports below tools:

  • HPE Unified Functional Testing 11.50 and 12.xx (QuickTest Professional and Service Test 11.50 capabilities)
  • HPE LoadRunner 11.52 and 12.xx
  • HPE Performance Center 12.xx (12.53 required for trend reports)
  • HPE Application Lifecycle Management 11.00, 11.52, and 12.xx
  • HPE Mobile Center 2.0, 2.01
  • HPE ALM Lab Management 11.50, 11.52, and 12.xx
  • HPE Quality Center 10.00, with the QuickTest Professional Add-in for triggering test sets
  • HPE Service Virtualization 3.8x
  • HPE ALM Octane 12.53.20 or later
  • HP Service Test 11.20 and 11.50
  • HP QuickTest Professional 11.00

Blazemeter Plugin

200+ installs till today on Blazemeter Jenkins plugin. You can trigger JMeter tests on the cloud from Jenkins using this plugin. Also, you can see the report generated after the build is successful.

Workspace Cleanup Plugin

Instead of cleaning up the workspaces after the build execution manually, you can instruct Jenkins to delete the workspace before and after the build step using this Workspace Cleanup plugin.

CLIF Performance Testing Plugin

If you are CLIF platform for performance tests, you should install this plugin to run and generate performance reports and graphs.


To see the runtime performance graphs and reports once the build is started, you must install this plugin. It supports below tools and it has many features.

That was a long list. As mentioned, I covered most of the plugins which adds value in the testing process. Now it is your turn to share. In next article, we shall see important plugins for performance monitoring.

Your turn: Did I miss any important Jenkins plugin in above list? If yes, please let me know in the comment section.

Must have Jenkins plugins for testers

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