Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Part Three

In last post we listed out five new Microsoft Excel 2013 features. In this blog post, we will five more new useful features of Microsoft Excel 2013. If you missed earlier blog post, check it out Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Part One and Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Part Two.

1. Live Preview of the data for analysis

Live preview of data samples helps users to plot the chart based on the selected data. It helps users to plot graphs and charts quickly.

2. Recommended Charts/Pivot Tables

Excel provides users recommended charts based on the selected data in the worksheet. It helps users to create ideal charts faster.

3. Insert Online Pictures

Now users can insert pictures from the web by simple search in Clip Art and Bing search or from your SkyDrive as well as from Flickr account.

4. Power View

Power View enables users to interact and visualize the data sample for the effective analysis. Power View connects with all the tables in one workbook and enables users to modify the table. Also, Power View helps users to create, view and interact with Excel services and in Office 365.  Editing can only be done on your computer.

Users can plot sophisticated Pie Charts, Maps, Key Performance Indicators, Hierarchies, Drill Up and Drill Down, Report Styles, Hyperlinks, Printing etc.

Below is the sample snapshot of Excel Power View.

5. Timeline

Timeline features enables users to filter dates easier and filter which works only with date format.

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