LoadUI 2.6 is released

SmartBear has announced its latest version of LoadUI 2.6 tool which helps test engineers to perform load testing using visual, drag and drop feature. LoadUI Pro has become faster and more stable by JavaFX 2.

You can check my earlier posts on LoadUI 2.5.2.

Features of LoadUI 2.6

  • Snappier GUI
  • Faster Startup
  • New JavaFX 2 Engine
  • Increased Stability
  • Multi-Threaded GUI Rendering
  • More Memory Efficient
  • Distribution (Pro)
  • Compare Results (Pro)
  • Design and Statistics are now different tabs (detachable) instead of different windows.
  • New way to manage old test runs.
  • New logo.
  • Removed the workspace menu.
  • Raw Data Export is now a Pro-only feature
  • Removed the workspace bar from the project view.
  • Changed and moved the distribution mode selector.
  • Easier to see the position in time when looking at a chart.
  • New way to add, zoom, export, scale and remove statistics in charts.
  • Charts no longer holds components – just statistics.
  • New way to create assertions.
  • Ghost agent has been replaced by a scenario toolbox.
  • Improved GUI contrast.
  • New and moved link button for scenarios.
  • Groovy components can now contain JavaFX code.
  • New chart library – charts are much faster.

Try out LoadUI 2.6 Pro

Try out LoadUI 2.6 Open Source

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