December 30, 2014

LoadRunner 12.02 Released

Resolving SSL Certificate Errors in LoadRunner

HP has released newer version of LoadRunner, last week. The newer version is LoadRunner 12.02. Here is the LoadRunner 12.02 License Bundle.

What’s new in HP LoadRunner 12.02?

  • Additional support for cloud load generators on Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Support for “Project” concept on HP Helion Public Cloud
  • Ability to filter machines

New Web Controller

  • Noise test enables us to run the script without executing additional transactions. Basically it simulates the background activity
  • General VuGen enhancements
  • Memory consumption has been reduced
  • Very large scripts and scripts with many correlations can been easily handled
  • Proxy recording for Java over HTTP, Oracle NCA, and Oracle – Web protocols
  • Runtime settings has been enhanced
  • New runtime settings for Web-based protocols, including limiting the maximum response size written to the log
  • New JSON view in snapshot pane, for HTTP requests and responses with an application/jsoncontent type

Following protocol has been updated

  1. Citrix ICA:
  2. Web – HTTP/HTML:
  3. Mobile Application – HTTP/HTML:
  4. RTE:
  5. Oracle – Web:
  6. Web Services:
  7. Support for SOAP 1.2
  8. TruClient

Apart from above following components also has been enhanced:

VuGen, Controller, Analysis, Virtual Table Server (VTS), Integration with latest HP product versions and Documentation

For details about supported integrations and product versions, see the Product Availability Matrix. LoadRunner 12.02 is a complete installation package that includes all LoadRunner 12.00 and content from subsequent patches.

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2 Comments on “LoadRunner 12.02 Released

Pavan Kumar B
November 3, 2015 at 4:41 pm


Can you please suggest the ‘silent switch’ to install LoadRunner 12.02 with all its prerequisites. I have got an .exe aplication which include all of its required file (prereqs, .MSI’s, etc).

NaveenKumar N
November 5, 2015 at 10:35 am

I am not aware of any silent switch. In LR 12.5, installation is fast and easy. You can try the latest version.


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