November 30, 2012

ISTQB Mock Test

ISTQB Foundation

International Software Testing Qualifications Board officially founded in Edinburgh in November 2002. The main aims, tasks, and responsibilities of the ISTQB are:ISTQB Logo
  • To define and maintain all aspects of the ISTQB Certified Tester scheme such as core syllabi, examination structure, regulations, and certification guidelines.
  • To ensure that each successful participant receive the “ISTQB Certified Tester” certificate (or the local variant with the added “ISTQB compliant” logo).
  • To promote testing as a profession, increase the number of qualified testers, and develop a common body of understanding and knowledge about testing, through the syllabus & terminology.
  • To approve, monitor compliance, or expel national boards.

ISTQB has three levels Foundation Level, Advance Level and Expert Level. You can read my earlier posts on ISTQB FAQs and ISTQB Exam Reference Material

You can enroll yourself for the ISTQB Exam. Check available Exam Dates.

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