An Introduction to Performance Center 12

I am starting a new series to learn and excel in HP Performance Center 12. This series will help beginners who are interested to learn HP Performance Center. Prerequisites to learn Performance Center are: basic knowledge about HP LoadRunner and performance testing.

What is HP Application Life Cycle (ALM) Performance Center?

HP LoadRunner is an industry standard performance testing tool. HP LoadRunner package consists of three important software: HP VuGen, HP Controller, and HP Analysis. These softwares are standalone application which you need to install in Windows OS.

HP ALM Performance Center is a web based and enterprise-wide performance testing solution. Basically all the tools which are required to validate the performance will be available across geographical locations without installing in the local system.

Advantages of HP Performance Center

HP Performance Center helps organizations to streamline the process of performance testing their critical applications. Also, it will increase the efficiency of performance testing by managing multiple projects which can be executed concurrently.

It helps to manage the resources, assets, and users effectively across geographical locations.

Performance Center has three areas: User site, Lab Management, and Site Administration. Also there are three major components exists in Performance Center: Users, Servers, and Hosts.

Users are performance test engineers, project managers, network and site administrators etc. Servers are the machines where the performance center is hosted, database server is MS SQL or Oracle database that host the information about projects, users, scripts, results, timeslots etc. Hosts are load generators, controllers, and data processors. Load generate simulate the real time users known as Virtual Users and Controller manage the test execution. Data processors analyses the results and publish it to the dashboard.

Performance Center team members

PC administrator who is responsible to assign tasks to System Manager. System Manager creates user, project, and manages the machines.

Performance Engineers creates scripts and design scenarios, and then analyzes the results. Others contributors include project manager, SMEs on business, network administrators etc.

HP Performance Center 12

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