Introducing QAInsights Community – a Social Learning Platform

Introducing QAInsights Community – a Social Learning Platform I started my QAInsights blog back in 2012. Since then I hope my blog articles are helpful to software testing professionals. My YouTube channel is going to cross 3000 subscribers soon.

My objective is to share the knowledge to the community and my mission is to help people in performance testing by learning tools like Micro Focus LoadRunner, Apache JMeter, Dynatrace etc.

You may ask, why another community? I agree that we have tonnes of communities, social media groups etc. But still, I have been getting many messages across my social media and sometimes I get a call in the wee hours about performance testing or about my blog article or YouTube video.

To address that, I thought why not to gather like-minded people like you, who are reading, viewing, visiting my blog to help people who needs an input, or suggestion, or jump-start in tools.

Here you go …

QAInsights Community – a place to learn, share, and repeat. A sub-domain of QAInsights, works like any other social media groups, but not owned by social giants. 

I would like you to get on-board to enable software testing professionals who needs you.

I hope QAInsights Community will be vibrant, active, helpful, nurture, and prosper henceforth. 

Please read our guidelines here and here, before you get started.

Kindly note, strictly no ads, no spam, no trolling, no soliciting, no recruiting and be respect, polite, and kind.

We are all professionals and I am requesting you to maintain the decorum.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you will have a wonderful time.

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