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Welcome to QAInsights Interview Corner where the most prominent persons in and around Software Testing arena. I am planning to feature more interviews in coming weeks.

In this first series, we have Time Koopmans, Founder of – distributed load testing platform which supports JMeter and Gatling.

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Tim Koopmans
Tim Koopmans

Describe your journey of life from where you began and where you are today?

My journey began the same as everyone else. It has been interspersed with periods of misdirection, direction and now redirection where I focus on all things performance and operations in an IT sense.

 Memorable moment in your life. 

The birth of my two children.

How your family and friends would describe you? 

 I would hope they describe me as generous and kind. I have heard them describe me as hard working and impatient.

 What will be the future of performance testing and its tools?

Performance testing will no longer exist as a separate activity. It will be as synonymous with testing as any other unit, integration or acceptance test activity has become. Tools will evolve to make this easier. Test environments will become quicker and easier to deploy. Performance testing won’t be so onerous or segmented in the lifecycle.
Anyone from development through to operations will share the ability to replicate, test and solve performance problems.

Share us your time management mantra.

Minimise distractions. Maintain inbox zero. Know which periods of the day suit different tasks for you and try and allocate accordingly.

Your career advice for performance testers.

Don’t be afraid to develop, build, configure, deploy and then start testing. Don’t focus on testing itself. After all, a good mechanic doesn’t just know how to drive a car.

 If a genie appears and asked for 3 wishes, what would you ask? 

Good health, an FTL drive and three more wishes.

Your all-time favorite book and quote.

“It occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.”
? Dan Simmons, Hyperion
I would like to thank Tim, for allocating his valuable time to respond my questions and for inspiring responses.
QAInsights wishes him all the best for all of his projects. Thanks!
Tim Koopmans

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