Interesting facts about IRCTC Performance front – Lessons for Performance Testers

In this blog post we are going to see something interesting about IRCTC. Interesting facts about IRCTC Performance front – Lessons for Performance Testers
  1. IRCTC booked more than five lakh tickets on August 12, the highest-ever tickets booked in a single day

Higher Throughput
Higher Transaction Per Second
Increase in number of concurrent users
Load/Stress testing is required 

  1. IRCTC, a subsidiary of railways, has invested about Rs 11 crores to strengthen and upgrade its ticketing website for facilitating booking of more tickets.

Capacity Planning
Infrastructure Testing is required

  • The average daily booking was around 3.85 lakhs last year 2012-13, which has now become 4.30 lakhs daily.

Increase in number of concurrent users
Higher Throughput
Higher Transaction Per Second
High CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Utilization
LoadStressEndurance and Volume testing is required

  1.  IRCTC has also taken a slew of measures for smooth running of its system like blocking of agents during the initial two hours of booking from 8 AM to 10 AM and Tatkal ticket booking from 10 AM to 12 hrs respectively.

Batch Processing
Spike Testing is required

  1.  preventing illegal booking through automated software by touts and thus making the system available only to the individual users during this period, which draws the maximum rush

Security testing
Load Testing 

  1. IRCTC is revamping its site by increasing the booking rate to 7,200 tickets per minute from its existing capacity of around 2,000 tickets

Increase in throughput
Load/Stress Testing is required 

  1. Augmenting the capacity to handle 1.2 lakh users at any point of time as compared to its existing 40,000 users.

Spike Testing is required

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