HPE LoadRunner Deals

I got an email from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) who announces the holiday seasons deals on HPE LoadRunner, HPE StormRunner, and HPE Performance Center.

If you are buying any of the above said products/services from HPE from now till December 31, 2015, you will get 15% OFF your virtual user days/hours by using promo code SALES15OFF.

If your need is to test your application from 100K-1M virtual users, you can contact HPE by clicking on below links.

The latest version of HPE LoadRunner is 12.50. StormRunner Load is a SaaS delivered cloud load and performance testing solution from HPE. Creating, Planning, Executing, and report regeneration is quick and easy.

StormRunner has three plans: Trail (Free), Express, and Enterprise.

StormRunner Plan
StormRunner Plan

How to get HPE LoadRunner Deals?

You need to visit HPE website and navigate to Products > Load Testing > LoadRunner. In LoadRunner page, click on Try or Buy > Buy Now. Click on Build Package and enter the specifics and then click on Checkout after entering the coupon code.

Issue while checking out

I was just trying to buy HPE StormRunner as well as HPE LoadRunner. In checkout page, I entered the coupon code SALES15OFF and clicked on Apply button. But unfortunately, it is throwing This coupon code is invalid as shown below.

Issue in Coupon Code
Issue in Coupon Code


Issue in Coupon Code 2
Issue in Coupon Code 2

I have informed HPE LoadRunner team in Twitter. Awaiting for their response. I will keep you posted.

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