HP Unified Functional Testing 11

The first thing we hear from our clients during business meetings is “do it with lowest possible budget”. Optimum allocation of budget plays a vital role for any successful projects. More precaution should be taken while planning especially for specialized testing arena such as Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Headless Testing etc. Because, we require an additional budget allocation for procuring right set of tool’s licenses. Successful rate will be higher if the project has blend of different type of testing. Benefits of Test Automation are Speed, Reliable, Repeatable, Programmable and Reusable.

Performance Testing helps us to identify the break points, stability and scalability factor. Headless Testing is testing services through an APIs. Client Music4UOnly is an online global music store which has 10 million customers accessing across the world daily. Client’s website has streaming media where users could listen wide ranges of music from the latest albums by paying onetime online payment.

Also it has search functionality, new users’ registration, music repository etc. Project scope consists of Test Automation for regression testing where there will be frequent changes in User Interface and in latest music playlists, whereas in Web Service testing to test the services such as Search, registering new users, online payment etc. Client has allocated a fixed budget for Test Automation and Web Services Testing.

If we procure right set of tools for Test Automation and Services testing separately, it would cost an additional budget to the client. Also, apart from tool license, additional cost is required for add-ins, tool support, patches and upgrades if any. But, now there is no necessity to procure separate licenses for Test Automation and Web Services testing.

HP has introduced new package called HP Unified Functional Testing 11 which includes HP Functional Testing FT (i.e. QTP software) + HP Service Test 11 (ST) + Integration of FT and ST that enables multi-layer testing. FT includes QTP and its add-ins. If you buy FT and ST separately, it would cost you more. But the cost of UFT is cheaper. Though QTP has Web Services Add-in to test web services, but there are some limitations. HP ST has more capabilities than

QTP Web Service add-ins such as support for JMS and other technologies. So, if you have Test Automation and Web Services projects in pipe-line, go for UFT if the budget fits you to buy UFT 11.

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